The Day Of In-between


This year it has struck me that Easter is really a day of in-between. It is half way between the dark of winter and the light of summer. But more importantly, It also points us to the already, but not yet. It Points us to the Cross where Jesus exclaimed it is finished John 19:30 it points us to the empty tomb where Christ rose as the first fruits of the resurrection (1 Corinthians 15:23), but it also underscores that Christ’s resurrection is only the “First Fruits”. The Resurrection is both the fulfillment of Gods promise to redeem his creation, and it also points us to the future fulfillment of the promise. The Empty tomb is the ultimate symbol of the already, and the not yet. The first, but yet just the first fruits of the resurrection. Just like the first fruits of summer, it points us to the coming harvest of resurrection and life, and yet is not the harvest itself. Come quickly Lord Jesus and make your Resurrection come to full fruition! But for now we can enjoy the empty tomb as a sweet symbol of the promise of the harvest to come.

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